High Air Pressure DTH Drill Bits(3 Inch)

  • Diameter:85mm-105mm
  • Processing Type:Forging
  • Face design:Flat;Convex;Concave
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DTH Drill Bits Advantages

1.Cemented carbide buttons 
2. Excellent flushing 
3. Spherical, ballistic, parabolic inserts 
4. longer life

high DTH DRILL.jpg


1. Reliable quality with steady performance

2. Strictly material chosen ensures long service life 

3. Good flushing effect increases drilling rate


DTH drill  bits are widely used in underground mining, quarries, hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering, water well drilling, Mineral exploration, anchoring hole drilling, geothermal engineering, Subway excavation, another civil engineering. it has the advantage of high flatness, smooth hole wall, high rigid of drill rod and hammer, independent of high axial thrust, no limit of drilling depth, low cost of devices and easiness to maintain

 HE NAN LGMRT Mining Equipment Co.,Ltd  is the professional DTH drill bits supplier! After many years experience we provide the worldwide customers ideal DTH drill bits. Optimized designs improve the drilling efficiency. And automatic production line ensure the quality stability of product. Strict requirements of heat-treatment guarantee durability of the bits.

3 Inch DTH Drill Bit