ST58 Top Hammer Drill Bits

  • Diameter:89mm-127mm
  • Processing Type:Forging
  • Face design:Flat;Convex;Concave
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Features of ST58 Top Hammer Drill Bits for Sale:

1.Tapered button bits connect with tapered drill rod for drilling holes

2.Stale and mature welding technology ensure good quality of bits

3.Accurate dimension of taper degree perfectly matches the rods

4.Work reliable and very cost-effective


Application of ST58 Top Hammer Drill Bits for Sale

• Underground mining

• Dimensional Stone Industry 

• Tunneling,quarrying

HE NAN LGMRT Mining Equipment Co.,Ltd  is the professional top hammer drill bits supplier! After many years experience we provide the worldwide customers ideal top hammer drill bits ! Optimized designs improve the drilling efficiency. And automatic production line ensure the quality stability of product. Strict requirements of heat-treatment guarantee durability of the bits.